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 A movement that each individual or organisation/s or Institutions develop technology/ies for common good with out expecting profit (or patenting). This principle works on Knowledge Management and development of technologies using existing and adding one's /a groups own knowledge and innovation. This also helps to accelerate the process of good things reaching the people in less time for the common good.

Good Stove technology : We require about 1 billion clean stoves (which use biomass as fuel) for people living all over the world. To make it a reality we need to design efficient and Good Stove technologies and be made accessible to the most deserving and also poor communities. These technologies can be made available to the communities through "Open Source Technology" domain.

The communities can use OST in these ways:

1. Use as it is - replicating the original design

2. Choose the best components / features of different OST designs and make their own design.

3. Think differently and make a new design to achieve the same result

By adopting such technologies, both the innovator / designer and the adopting communities will be mitigating the following affects: climate change, global warming, improved health of women and children with clean indoor air, conservation of forests / biomass, improved agriculture productivity and soil quality, etc.  

GOOD STOVE   ( is an effort in this regard.