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IITian provides smoke-free stoves to remote villages about the work of Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy
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Capacity Development

GEO on "Good Stoves" is conducting capacity development  to Project Managers / support team / artisans / production enterprises / communities /etc on demand. For details contact Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy

+91 9246352018 | 9505760669

skype id: saibhaskarnakka

The Capacity Development has the following modules - Understanding stoves, Situational Analysis, Kitchen survey, Designing stoves, Types of stoves, Production of stoves, Testing stoves, Facilitation of stoves, Enterprises, biochar as byproduct, Climate Change and stoves, CDM / Voluntary Carbon and Alternative Carbon, etc. 

Note: The course fee is based on the number of modules selected from above list, number of days, number of participants, logistics, etc.

The courses can be also be organized at the stakeholders place based on the number of participants.


This site consists of low cost efficient Good Stoves designed by Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy, CEO of Geoecology Energy Organisation (GEO) for people using biomass as fuel. All the stove designs are declared as OHANDAOpen Knowledge for communities to adopt or adapt. 

Individual components of each stove design are existing on this earth in some form or the other, thanks to the community, stovers and mother earth for helping me to think and design. These stove designs are kept in an open knowledge shelf for the choice to adopt or adapt by communities. The options are open - to use them "as it is" /  "change or redesign as per the need" / "bring same result through different design". 

Good Stoves yield biochar as a byproduct, which  can be useful for biocharculture aspects. See Biochar India weblink for my work on this aspect.

This initiative is also for being the cause for adoption of "one million good stoves" by the communities achievable through, partnerships, participation, awareness, adoption, convergence of programmes, knowledge sharing, adaptation, etc.

The challenge is to reach millions of people, GOOD STOVES has the potential to reach the goal, as todays best is tomorrows good and good technologies are accessible by majority of communities. 

Anyone interested to partner for good stoves please contact Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy <>


No to cutting trees

To continue the good work your support is required. Adopt a family through donation of small amount. For details contact GEO.


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